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Sailing the Seas

Royal Caribbean: Liberty of the Seas

What a wonderful week! Nothing is better than spending quality time with my favorite people. Okay I take that back nothing is better than spending quality time with my favorite people in paradise. We sailed on Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston on a seven day cruise that ported in Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica! One tip: book your excursions/drink packages prior to boarding the ship (you won’t have to wait in lines once on board and will be free to explore the ship as soon as you embark).

This was by far my favorite family vacation to date! We arrived to the port of Galveston about three hours prior to getting on the ship to avoid any lines. We parked at Cruise Park who has the most reasonable prices! They are walking distance from the port and I highly recommend!

Cozumel, Mexico

Our first stop was the beautiful island of Cozumel where we decided to go to Mr. Sanchos a tourist spot that is not included on the cruise excursion list. I had gone previously with my sorority sisters (S/O to Zeta) and knew I had to go back. Mr. Sanchos is a $55/day all inclusive beach that provides drinks, food, beach cabanas and pools with swim up bars. Last time I was there we purchased our wrist bands when we arrived so this time I figured would be no different. Lets just say make reservations prior to hailing a cab in Cozumel. I was so wrong and thanks to my moms bilingual beauty they let us in! The weather was stunning and we spent the remainder of the day seesawing between the ocean and the pool, getting bronzed by the sun and sipping on our drinks of choice! To see some extra footage of our trip click here!

This cover up was exactly the look I was going for. Something light weight, full length and easily packed. I have linked it here. It does run a bit small so order a size up!

Grand Cayman

Our second stop was Grand Cayman! We were so excited to go to stingray city and snorkel the barrier reef.I say ‘were’ because we never actually made it to that excursion. As soon as we looked out our window that morning we saw the weather was not ideal. As we rode the tender to the island we were sprinkled with droplets of cold rain and surrounded by overcast sky. We made the most of it by doing a little shopping and grabbing a table at Margaritaville instead. Sometimes conditions are not what you would hope but there is always a silver lining and we found ours cracking up laughing at our table as we watched the dance contest going on and eating Lava Shrimp (it was to die for)!! It could have also had to do with the fact that we had Wifi haha!

Some of my favorite time on the ship was going to/getting ready for dinner. I am someone who finds it relaxing to get ready and put my outfits together especially when I am not in a rush and just have to walk across the ship for dinner. We had two formal nights and as soon as I saw this Socialite Stripe Maxi Romper I knew it would be perfect for a formal night. Oh and did I mention that it is on sale now!

Falmouth, Jamaica

Our last port was Jamaica and it was breathtaking! I honestly discounted it prior to visiting this portion of the island but it proved me so wrong. We took an hour long taxi ride to Ocho Rios where we bobsled through the rainforest and climbed up Dunns River Falls. We took the sky explorer up to the top of Mystic Mountain which was unbelievably lush and had astonishing views of the ocean.

I could not write this blog post without including this last picture at Dunns River Falls. I went to take a picture with my lovely boyfriend and he figured out that if he leaned back closer to the fall the water drenched me. Lets just say he was pretty darn close to that fall when this picture was taken but we got a good laugh out of it (after I warmed up from being soaked of course).


When I began this blog I was attracted to the idea that I could create and allocate. If no more than one person is inspired, influenced or uplifted by BriBold I will feel successful. Escaping responsibilities for a week allowed me to reflect on life and the big picture and what I came back to was love. In a world filled with so much hate and unprecedented attacks we desperately need love. Being able to spend quality time with my loved ones for a solid week was such a blessing that I will always cherish. After all relationships are the lasting impact we leave on the world not our income, our accolades, or our material belongings. Don’t waste an opportunity to tell people how you feel, give a compliment to a stranger or just spend quality time with your family and friends.

If you are musically inclined here are some snippets of lyrics (I like to think I am minus the fact that I cannot carry a tune to save my life haha) from one of my favorite songs, ” Theres no place I could go Your love won’t find me. When I misunderstand Your love understands me. No place I fall your love won’t catch me. You see it all through the eyes of love.”

You Don’t Miss a Thing by Amanda Cook 

Thank y’all for taking the time to stop by! I hope you enjoyed my first post. Please feel free to comment what you want to see more of or contact me for any questions.

Love always,


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  1. Love this! I’ve been thinking about going back again, just my boyfriend and I, and your recommendations truly help! LOVE all your outfits!

  2. Beautiful post! I love the outfit tips too because you always look amazing!! So happy to see you doing so well!

  3. Killed it babe! This post was great and the memories made were unforgettable. I am so excited that I get to continue doing life with you on a daily basis. I love you!!

    1. Melting my heart over here ! Making memories with you is what life is all about! I love you and thank you for your undivided encouragement and support!

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