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Galveston Walk – About

Happy Sunday guys! I hope everyone is relaxing with their favorite people. I am finally home to write this post after a fun filled weekend with some great people. This was our second year to participate in the Galveston Walk About and each year it gets better and better! For those of you who have not heard of the walk about it is a charity event with all proceeds going to keeping Galveston clean. How it works: you purchase a $30 ticket online that gives you access to essentially the ‘pub crawl’ for the day. They provide you with a yellow number and a list of different restaurants, boutiques, ice cream parlors and more.  As you go to each place they give you an envelope that matches your number that has a playing card inside (all envelopes are not to be opened until the end). Not to mention many of the participating stores give discounts to those participating in the walk about so its a win-win! At the end you finish at the same place you started and will turn in your envelopes. Five of your envelopes will have hole punched in them and those are the ones that count. The attendant will open the five envelopes and if you have a good poker hand it will go up on the board and after everyone has turned their cards in they will give prizes away. This year they had one-hundred and eight gift cards plus a cruise (already ready to go on another one haha) to give away to the winner. It was so much fun and a wonderful way to support charity and enjoy a Saturday!

Our hotel was right on the water as well which made for a beautiful view!

Here is the board where your cards will be posted if you have a competitive hand. I had a pair of fives and unfortunately they only lasted for a short while before they were knocked off. Still a Saturday well spent!

I ventured through my day in my favorite Lululemon leggings and shirt! Both have four way stretch and sweat wicking material. Perfect for a hot and humid Galveston day. I absolutely recommend !

On our drive in on Friday Matt and I stopped at Guru Burger for a bite to eat. Some of the best burgers I have eaten and typically beets are not in my diet but Guru had beet chips that are amazing(featured on the top left)! We had absolutely no leftovers to take home! 

As always, thank you for reading! Please don’t hesitate to comment any questions, your favorite part of the post or anything you want me to blog about specifically.

Now going to get ready for the week ahead! Laundry it is! I have been trying to really slow down and not rush through the parts of life that sometimes are not the most exciting (like laundry). More on what that means in my next post!  

Love always,


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  1. So cool! I had never heard of that before, and will have to try soon! Would love to hear more about how you stay on track with your faith, your workout routine and diet because you’re just fab! Love ya!

    1. Yes ! Its always the same weekend in October each year! Perfect! Thank you for the info Mel! Ill keep that in mind when writing my next few posts! 🙂

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