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LBD & Beautiful Beginnings

Well this has definitely taken me a while to post! It has been marinating in my head for weeks and now I have finally figured out the direction I want it to go (I think I just experienced my first writers block?!). I knew I wanted this post to go below the surface the day I shot these photos but I could not decide what I wanted to focus on. I rehearsed so many ideas in my head but none of them were quite right. Then last week I was driving back from lunch and had a lightbulb moment. True Beauty.

I’ll expand on that in a moment but I have a question for you guys. When is the last time you did something for the first time?

Life can become routine a lot of times where you find yourself getting up and going to work day after day or going to class week after week and you just feel stuck waiting for the weekend. You owe it to yourself to seek out what you are passionate about and pursue it even if you have never tried it before. Having something you look forward to doing each day becomes such a creative outlet that breaks up the repetitive edge of life and lights up your soul. Each person is completely unique and 100% needed in this world so I urge you to follow your passions and share them with the world. Right now! Start right now. I know you are probably thinking but I don’t have all the equipment or I don’t know enough about it and to that I would say start researching about how to begin. Humble beginnings are expected and necessary. You can learn so much now that we have this beautiful thing called the internet and the best part is that most of it is for free! Many times people underestimate the impact they could make if they were to just share with others and I guarantee someone out there would benefit from what you have to share.

For me blogging has become a passion of mine that I look forward to doing. Just being able to create and share my content has made my heart so happy. These are shots from my first photoshoot and with them came a lot of emotions. From styling the outfits, to getting ready for the shoot (waking up early to drive across town because the lighting is always best in the early hours of the morning) and then posing for the shots. Guys this is where I felt like I need so much practice! Sometimes doing things for the first time though they are so exciting bring about feelings of doubt and fear. As much as I hate to admit these feelings they totally put me into a slump after I received the photos back. The photographer was outstanding and his work is impeccable what I didn’t like was me or how I posed in some of the shots. Lesson learned: if it feels totally awkward it looks good! I didn’t know if I should just blog about this little black dress and how I styled it two ways or actually be a little more vulnerable about the fact that I was totally out of my comfort zone and started to doubt what I was doing.

Thoughts Behind the Shoot

I picked this little black dress because it was very affordable and is so versatile. It can be worn for a night out or for happy hour with the girls by just switching out jewelry and the leather jacket for a creme duster. I also have worn it with a pair of vans and a baseball hat for a more everyday casual look (especially here in TX where it is 85 degrees in November). The exact dress sold out quickly in black but here are a few others that are similar!

Finding Truth in True Beauty

It took me a while to lean on the almighty in order to hear His truth and drowned out the doubt. Guys let me tell you that you do not have to have it all together all the time. My recent motto in life has been “you live and you learn “. I have so much to learn about how to pose for shoots and what looks good but thats okay. Life is a learning process and expertise takes time. What really matters is true beauty. What is on the inside. Things of the heart. I am not saying there is anything wrong with getting your hair done, nails done, eyelash extensions, or taking the time to do your makeup each day (I enjoy all of these things !) but if you see your identity in these things that is where the problem lies. We have to face the facts and the facts are that each day we are aging. As much as I want to resist it beauty is fleeting and thats why it is important to invest in beauty that lasts. We need spiritual days as well as spa days! If the world was blind how many people would think you are beautiful?

Having true beauty means having a kind heart and treating others with tenderness, patience and positivity and knowing how valuable you are. You are so loved and cared for and no matter what your past looks like you deserve the best life! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I was inspired to write about true beauty from a podcast (they have totally been my thing lately). It was one from The Porch of Watermark Church and it brought up a lot of great points. I linked it here if anyone cares to listen!

All in all I wanted to encourage you to find your inner beauty and sprinkle that into the world. Thanks so much for reading my little snippet of the web. If this is something you enjoyed reading let me know in the comments! Also feel free to comment what you would like me to blog about in the future!

The Man Behind the Lens

Before I close this post I have to showcase Anghelov! He is not only an expert at his trade but shoots a variety of sessions. I have linked his website here where you can find his vast portfolio.


Love Always,