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Just Keep Moving – Leg Day


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Just Getting There

Happy Saturday guys! Todays post will be over my recent leg day routine. I am not sure about everyone else but for me the first step to having a great workout is getting to the gym or getting off the couch to move your body! Sometimes this can be easier said than done. When my personal trainer aka boyfriend isn’t motivating me to get my bootay to the gym I like to watch Heidi Somers slash Buff Bunny’s YouTube videos to kick start my gym motivation! Watching her workouts always inspire me to stay positive while always working to improve my health and fitness. If you are unsure of where to begin your fitness journey or don’t have a gym membership that is okay: keep reading!

Things to be Reminded of

First off I just want to highlight that you only have one body and it is up to you to keep your health and fitness a top priority. Keeping health slash fitness a top priority not only has aesthetic benefits but your energy levels will increase, intake of water will most likely increase (theres a whole plethora of perks that comes with this- like a better complexion) and your overall mood will boost. Of course it is not always easy to eat healthy or be active but I promise you will thank yourself if you do. (Side note: if I am at a restaurant and the menu seems uber unhealthy I order a la carte and typically stick to a grilled chicken breast and a side of veggies-also usually pretty cheap). I am also here to tell you that we are all human and we will fail but the important thing is that you do not let your bad days define you. Get your motivation back up and keep moving forward.

Another thing to note that stops a lot of people from starting: comparison. Do not let this be a foothold to bring you down and discourage you. Everyone was made unique and that is beautiful. Soak up all that you are and just focus on being healthy.

The Good Stuff

Okay on to the workout! Before I start my leg workouts I like to get in a little stretching and usually roll out my legs to get the blood flowing and to warm up my muscles. Gyms will have foam rollers but Matt also bought me a foam roller to keep at home and it is the best on days like today when I am so sore! I have linked a similar one here for anyone who is interested. I like to start with the heaviest weighted exercise of the day which in this case was squats. My preference is for my legs to be fresh and ready to take on squats as opposed to being tired and doing them towards the end of my workout. For squats I did three sets of eight reps. As for the weight everyone is going to be at different points so the important part is that you can maintain good form while completing the exercise.

Not all of my exercises were pictured so it will be difficult for me to explain each of them. I might make videos eventually to show case each exercise along with the correct form. Comment below if that is something you would like to see!

What I had in mind while doing this workout was that a lot of it can be done at home. Majority of my workout was using my own body weight or smaller sized weights that are more common to already have at home.

I used a steel plyo box that was approximately twenty-four inches tall to do step ups. You could use anything from a park bench to a stable foot stool in your own home. Please make sure whatever you are using is anchored appropriately and will not move. Again I did three sets of eight reps for each leg. I would alternate between legs for my sets. This is a great workout to target your hamstrings into your glutes. The more you can stretch out that area during the exercise the more it will be worked.

I finished with some weighted lunges that can be done stationary or walking. I used ten pound weights in each hand but again everyone is different so please use the appropriate weight that does not take away from your form. For this exercise I did three sets of ten on each leg and boy did they burn! You will want to make sure that your front knee never crosses over your front toe while you squat or your knees will definitely feel it the next day and it is not fun!

I hope this inspired you to get moving in some fashion or another. For any questions about any of the exercises or anything in this post please leave a comment below! As always thanks so much for reading 🙂


Love Always,