Bachelorette Party Collaboration!

Okay so I have a confession to make. I have been keeping a secret from you guys and I am FINALLY ready to reveal what it is… Before I do let me just say that if you have ever been in charge of planning a bachelor or bachelorette party it can seem daunting! How do […]

5 Tips for a Better Morning

Currently drinking my ice water out of my flamingo colored hydro-flask and sitting in bed with my laptop. It is 6:30am and I just taught a VIPKid class and now I am inspired to write about my morning routine. So here. we. go. So first things first, a great morning starts the night before. I […]

Wedding Tips + Wedding Website now Live!

It only took me 9 months 21 days and 20 hours to create our wedding website BUT it is here now!! (After creating Bri Bold I honestly thought it was going to be so much more difficult but luckily it was not haha) I really enjoyed putting it together! We went through The Knot and […]

Custom Shampoo & Conditioner: Formulate Gifting

Do you ever wish you could create your own shampoo and conditioner since you don’t fall within the categories you have to pick from of the current products on the shelf? Moisture renewal, color preserve shine, repair and protect I mean the list could go on and on. What if I want more than one […]

January 2019: Life Update

It is currently raining and 48 degrees outside so this girl is inside, bundled up by the fire and exercising these fingers on my keyboard. What a way to welcome us, 2019! (I am a total beach girl so this cold weather has got to go although I am SO thankful for my fire place […]